Types of Stickers

Stickers are a colorful and highly visible form of branding that can benefit any business or organization. They are affordable and easy to distribute to customers, who help you show off your logo all over their world! As an added benefit, there are many different kinds of custom sticker designs to choose from. Are you unfamiliar with your options? Our team at 925Never is here to help. Read on to learn more, and contact us today for a custom quote on your next order!

Die-Cut Stickers

Is your custom sticker design cool enough to stand on its own? Die-cut stickers are printed and then laser cut or die pressed so the backing matches the exact shape of your design. Instead of a sheet of peel-off stickers, die-cut stickers stand alone and stand out. These are a great option if you have an eye-catching sticker design you want to display without the distraction of a wide backing or awkward negative space. They can be made with a white, clear, or full-bleed border — your options are almost endless!

Kiss-Cut Stickers

An alternative to die-cut stickers are kiss-cut decals. These are likely what you picture when you think of stickers, with a printed custom sticker design and a square or round backing that peels away. They are cut with a lighter touch, usually with a plotter or thermal die, and they can be easier to use than the crack-and-peel design of die-cut stickers.

Kiss-cut stickers may also be a better choice if you are printing any sticker shapes with delicate parts, such as sharp points or thin extensions. The larger backing can offer more support to ensure your design doesn’t bend, fold, or tear. They can also be a great way to have one sticker peel into a few different placeable designs. If you have questions on how to create the artwork for a sticker like that, feel free to email us, and we will help you get squared away!

Sheet Stickers

Sheet stickers, as you may have guessed, are stickers printed on sheets. You can include stickers with unusual shapes and borders or choose designs with simple round or square borders to make the most of the sheet. You have the option to order a sheet of one sticker repeated many times, or you can choose a theme and include several unique customer sticker designs in each sheet!

Transfer Decals

Do you have a sticker design with multiple individual pieces you want to keep together when transferred to a window or other surface? Check out transfer stickers! Sometimes referred to as vinyl lettering or vinyl-cut, plotter-cut, laser-cut, pro-cut, or even die-cut stickers, these are one of the most popular ways to apply your logo and ONLY your logo to a surface. These stickers let you create a design that you or your customers can place anywhere without worrying about an unnecessary border.

Transfer stickers are typically made with three parts: a paper back, the vinyl sticker itself, and transfer tape. To stick to a surface, you peel away the paper backing, place your sticker on the surface you want to decorate, and then remove the transfer tape. Your custom sticker design will be the only thing left! They are available in roughly 30 different stock colors, and we can print yours with full CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) color!

Order Your Custom Stickers and Decals Today!

Stickers are a great way to advertise your business, and they give your customers a way to show off their love and loyalty. Are you ready to invest in the perfect stickers for your business? Contact the 925Never team! We can help you find the right kind of decal for your needs and make your full-color design a reality. Get in touch with our team today to request free samples or receive a quote on your next order!


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