How Color Associations Can Help Your Business

At 925Never, you can create custom stickers and decals for your business with any design you can dream. We make it so easy to order stickers online, that creating your custom sticker design is the hardest part. How do you choose the best colors, typeface, and images for your business?

In our previous blog posts, the 925Never team has talked about the importance of color harmony and the design principles you should follow for all your marketing materials. Today, in part three of our ongoing series on design, we are talking about color associations — the emotions, virtues, and demerits people imagine when they see certain colors. Read on to learn what colors you should use for your business designs, and order stickers online from 925Never today!

Warm Colors

Colors are often grouped by “temperature.” Warm colors, for example, are those colors you would see in a cozy fire: red, orange, yellow, and the shades in between. As a category, warm colors are often associated with vibrancy and passion.

We’ve listed a few of the most common associations below. Some are obvious, like how red stop signs might lead us to associate red with danger or warnings. Others are more subtle.

  • Red — danger, passion, heat
  • Orange — creativity, optimism, health
  • Yellow — happiness, energy

Cool Colors

Cool colors include the hues and shades you might see when looking at water, including blue, green, and purple. This color group is more relaxing and subdued compared to warm colors. All colors have positive and negative associations, but cool colors often are more equated with negative emotions like sadness.

  • Green — nature, healing, abundance
  • Blue — calm, wisdom, trust, sadness
  • Purple — wealth, power, imagination

Purple, like red, is a color with an association that can easily be traced. Purple was a difficult – and expensive – color to create in the past. For a long time, it was used almost exclusively by the rich and the royal, which is likely why it is still associated with wealth and power.

Neutral Colors

This group includes the colors you don’t typically see on the color wheel — shades, rather than hues, like brown, black, and white. Neutral colors often serve as the background for designs, and they can make contrasting colors pop. They can tone down strong hues or make softer shades seem brighter.

  • Black — elegance, sophistication, darkness, death
  • White — purity, cleanliness, peace, simplicity
  • Brown — earth, security, comfort

How to Use Color Associations to Boost Your Business

Sure, the history of colors and the emotions we associate them with is interesting, but how does that help you as a business owner? It’s simple! These color associations can work with you or work against you.

Match your business brand and voice with a color that has the right associations, and your custom business stickers can make your business stand out as trustworthy, exciting, or exceptionally professional. Use the wrong color, and your stickers and decals can be off-putting to potential customers.

For example, a bright red logo might send the wrong message if used for a counseling center promoting peace and relaxation. Alternatively, a simple black decal wouldn’t be a good choice for a colorful, exciting children’s care center. Use the list above as a guide, and find the colors that best speak to the purpose and brand voice for your business!

Bring Your Custom Sticker Designs to Life

Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to order stickers online! From vinyl lettering to die-cut stickers, 925Never has several options for you to choose from, and we can print from 30 stock color options or in full CMYK! Contact us today to receive samples or a custom quote on your next order.


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