Choosing The Right Stickers For Your Brand

Are you ready to make your business stand out? Stickers are affordable and easy to put in the hands of consumers. They can make your products pop. Stickers can also increase your brand awareness when customers show off your logo on their gear. But what stickers are right for you?

Today we’ll help you narrow down the perfect size and type of sticker that you need to boost your brand. The team at 925Never is here to help you achieve your goals! From roll labels to die cuts to wall decals, we do it all. Check out all of our custom sticker options and contact us to get started with your own designs today.

What Are Your Goals?

Figuring out what your plans are for your stickers is the most important piece to consider when you are planning your order. Having the right strategy in place will save you headaches and money down the road.


Are you placing branding on a product you sell? Roll labels or sticker sheets will probably be your best bet. Brand labels can be used for multiple purposes and package sizes. Think about the smallest surface you plan on sticking your labels to and strategize around that. You can measure your package or product size and cut paper to the size and shape you need your label to be so that you are able to be accurate in your sticker order. Presenting your product professionally whether it’s in a store, on a social media post, or in the hands of your consumer will build confidence and drive sales. Roll labels are popular choices for labeling, allowing a large quantity of the same logo or sticker to be printed efficiently. Sticker sheets may also be a good choice if you plan on running limited releases or you only have a small operation.


If you want more standard stickers, consider how you think your fans will use them. If you’re handing out stickers at an event, stickers that are about the size of a business card tend to work best. These can be easily placed on water bottles, carrying cases, and notebooks. If your stickers are meant to be bumper stickers for cars and trucks, consider something larger. Your stickers should be large enough to stand out and be read from a short distance depending on design intricacy and text size.

Sizes to Consider

One inch stickers are great branding labels. They can serve a wide variety of purposes like closing envelopes, handing out at events, or adding a fun little bonus to a package.

The business card sized stickers we mentioned earlier are generally about two to three inches. These are versatile and can be excellent for customers to have a “choose your own adventure” type of experience when they decide where to put your sticker, since this size fits nicely on phones, laptops, skateboards, and many other places.

For bumper stickers, five to six inches is usually the sweet spot. As long as your design doesn’t feature too many small details or text pieces, this size will show off your brand.

No matter what your sticker needs are, 925Never has you covered! If you have any questions or a cool idea that you need help executing, get in touch with us. We love to see you succeed.


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