5 Tips to Customize Your Work Space

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Wherever you work, it helps your productivity and overall comfort if your space feels like it belongs to you. If you’re working in a corporate office, at home, or you share a space with others, having just a little piece of personalization can go a long way.

If you’d like to decorate your area with fun and custom stickers, you’ve come to the right place! 925Never offers high-quality stickers in varying shapes, sizes, and cuts. Submit a quote request today, and we’ll work with you to fulfill your sticker needs.

1. Bring in Photos

We’ve all got something we love. Putting photos out helps to remind us of what makes us happy. Photos also help to facilitate conversation with your coworkers and build up your work relationships. You could bring in a picture of your significant other, your children, your pets, the motorcycle you’ve been working on, or a funny painting your kids made you. Placing a few of these around your desk is the quickest way to personalize your desk or work space.

2. Accessorize

Decorating your desk with your favorite colors, themes, or activities is another great way to make you feel more at home. What is your favorite animal? A silly character or plushie next to your computer can bring your joy throughout your work week. If you have a favorite color (or several favorites), you can purchase some of the following items to brighten up your area:

  • Pens — added bonus if the ink is a cool color too!
  • Pen holder
  • Stapler
  • Tape dispenser
  • Computer mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Sticky notes

Whatever you can do to add a bit of flavor to your otherwise drab desk will likely make others happy as well as yourself!

3. Show Off Your Collectibles

Do you have toy cars, figurines, wood carvings, or some other cool item that you collect? Bring them in to work! Sharing your passions with your coworkers is a fun way to create team cohesion and build friendships. Just be sure to leave your most rare or favorite items at home to avoid theft, unless of course your desk is already at home. Then you can go wild!

4. Bring Life to Your Desk

Adding a few plants to your work space can help to liven the mood at your desk. Growing small potted plants and flowers will help brighten your area with color. Plants have even been theorized to raise attentiveness and productivity in the workplace. Just be wary of your desk neighbors in case they have allergies to certain varieties of flowers or plants.

5. Use Custom Stickers

Personalize your gear like nobody else! Buying or creating custom stickers can be a fun way to really make your work space pop. You could even shop for a roll of stickers and give some out to your coworkers. Contact 925Never today to receive a quote for your own custom stickers, and make your work space stand out from the boring desks around you!


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