4 Tips To Upgrade Your Packaging

If you’ve ever been curious or hesitant about buying a new product, you may have watched an unboxing video online. These can sound cheesy, but the packaging a product comes in can help drive sales and interest even before you see what’s inside the box.

Today we’re going to look at some ways to upgrade your packaging services and make your brand stand out against the boring beige and brown packages that are being whisked to your customers’ homes. Contact 925Never today to start building premium stickers that will spruce up any package!

Add Inserts

When you open up that package you’ve been waiting for, you’re probably already excited, but when you see something extra tagging along, it helps to cement positive feelings and drive future purchases. Simple items like business cards and postcards help to inform your clients about your business. If you have the time, handwritten notes or even personally writing “thank you,” makes the customer feel special. You can add in a note card with cool art on one side and a review request on the other. The art makes the card a keepsake, and the review request can lead to more orders from new customers. You could also add in a couple pieces of candy, because who doesn’t love a treat? Otherwise, a sticker with your company’s logo is sure to make your customers smile.

Custom Boxes

Another way to make your packages stand out is with custom boxes. By having your logo or some catchy text printed on your box, you will help drive brand awareness and image. If purchasing custom printing on your boxes or packaging is too expensive, then you could also consider a custom stamp. While it’s more work to stamp each of your packages, you save money on the printing process. You can also create at-home stamps to put fun designs and colors on your boxes.

Add Color

Boxes that are colored really, really stand out. There is always a little moment of excitement when you’re expecting a brown box or manila envelope, and something bright and fun shows up at your door instead. If your company has a signature color, you could use packaging of the same color. By doing this, your customer already knows what’s in the box and starts to get excited about opening it up! Putting in colorful packing material and inserts will help to spruce up the experience as well. Something that changes up the monotony of regular brown boxes is always a welcome change.

Use Stickers

Spice your packaging up with your company’s sticker right on the front. Or create a custom sticker to use specifically for sealing boxes and envelopes. Simply placing an eye-catching sticker on a mundane box can make your brand memorable and more interesting. Your customers will have more faith in the product just because they feel you have enough pride to make your box look cool.

If you need custom stickers with information or branding to use as inserts, box beautification, or envelope sealers, 925Never is here for you! Our knowledgeable team will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with our high-quality stickers and labels.


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